This page groups all the basic telemetry-related settings.

A1 and A2 are the 2 analog ports available on D8R receivers. X8R receivers only have A1, which measures the receiver's power supply. Range sets the maximum measurable voltage, i.e. 3.3V / (divider ratio). For example with the receivers' internal sensor (1:4), this would be 13.2V. For the FBVS-01 sensor with the default ratio of 1:6, this would be 19.8V. The number next to "Ax channel" will show the currently measured value, and can be used to confirm or correct the Range setting by comparing the reading with an external voltmeter. Offset and custom units (A, m/s, m, �, %...) can be used in addition to help scaling the input to accomodate 3rd-party analog sensors. "Low" and "Critical" alarms for A1, A2 and RSSI will trigger audio warnings when the measured value goes below the defined levels. When a microSD card with a Taranis voice pack loaded is present in the slot, those alarms will be announced in clear voice (e.g. "A1 Low", "A2 Critical", "RF signal Low"). If no card is present each will trigger a different beep pattern. We do recommend the use of the voice capability as 6 different beeps can be difficult to remember under stress. Blades: Number of blades for the RPM sensor. Voltage/current: Allows choosing the input for the power calculation and mAh count features. These should match the input you've connected the corresponding sensors to. Variometer source: sensor type that is installed in your model. "Vario" is for the new FrSky vario sensors as well as the openxvario (vertical speed is calculated by the sensor and transmitted digitally), A1/A2 are for analog sensors that transmit vertical speed as a voltage connected to the respective input. Limit sets respectively the maximum expected sink rate, low and high dead band (no sound), and maximum climb rate for the sounds generated by the Vario custom function. The low dead band can be set to OFF, which disables sink tones altogether. Following those basic parameters are the selection lists for the 3 custom telemetry screens that can be seen by LONG pressing the PAGE key on the main views. Each screen can either show numerical parameters (9 in the main screen area and 3 in the bottom bar), or 4 bargraphs with configurable upper/lower limits.

Each field can be one of the various available parameters, of course the corresponding sensors and/or hub must be installed in the model: Tmr1,2: Both timers SWR: Transmitter antenna quality. Should always be below 51, or a popup warning will appear and an audio alarm will sound to warn you to check the radio's antenna. The value itself is of little meaning. RSSI: Lowest of the RSSI values from the radio and receiver in D8 mode. In D16 mode, RSSI of the receiver. Alt: Barometric altitude sensor Rpm: Engine speed, number of blades is adjusted in the settings above Fuel: Fuel level T1,T2: Temperature sensors 1 and 2 Spd, Dist, GAlt: GPS speed, distance from starting point and GPS altitude Cell: Lowest cell on FLVS-01 Cels: Sum of all cells on FLVS-01 Vfas: FAS-40/100 voltage measurement Curr: Current, source configured in the settings above (FAS or analog) Cnsp: mAh used totalizer (needs current source configured correctly) Powr: Power, voltage and current sources configured above AccX,Y,Z: Acceleration values from TAS-01 Hdg: GPS heading Vspd: Vertical speed (either calculated by the radio or reported by the sensor, depending on the sensor type chosen above) xxx+/xxx-: Min and max values of the available parameters

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