SD Card contents

Check the Tx documentation from the manufacturer to determine which microSD card to use. To use the microSD card insert it into the card slot.

  • Format: FAT12/16/32

The micro sd card contents depending on your radio type, the sound files, lua scripts, themes and model images. Since sound files and lua scripts need to matched to a OpenTX version, OpenTX checks the version of the SD card contents and warns if the sd card files have the wrong version.

Version Warning

If a microSD Card is present when the Tx is turned on OpenTX check its root/top level folder for a file to determine if the correct sound pack version is being used.

  • opentx.sdcard.version

If the incorrect version is being used then it is possible that some announcements such as telemetry units will be incorrect and other file such as lua scripts are outdated.

SD Card contents

The standard SD card contents are available from within Companion.

  • File > Download

  • Click on Download SD contents

  • The zip file available for download depends on the Companion radio profile being used.

  • Click on the zip file link to download the microSD card contents

  • Extract the ZIP file to the root/top level folder of the microSD Card.

Folder structure

Sound files on SDCARD

See the Sounds & Announcements section for details on the sound files on the sdcard.

IMAGES folder

This is where you place the images that you want to use as model logos. Filenames must be 10 chars long or less (not including extension). A collection of files is available here. Placing the cursor over a valid file in this folder will show it on the right side of the screen, and in the contextual menu you will find an entry to assign the selected image to the current model.

  • Taranis: 64x32, 4-bit grayscale .bmp. See

    Tutorial on Open-TXU

    how to create these images.

  • Horus: RGB Jpeg, max 192x116.

EEPROM folder

This folder contains the backups made of the transmitter's EEPROM.


This folder contains firmwares that can be flashed with the bootloader or from OpenTX directly. See flashing the bootloader, Smart.Port flashing on details.

LOGS folder

This is where you will find telemetry logs if enabled. Files will be created with the same name as the model they were saved from, with the date appended. One log file is created per day for each model.

MODELS and RADIO folder

On the Horus these folder contains the model/readio information. It is used to store model information on the Horus instead of the EEPROM as on other transitters.

On the other transmiters the Models folder contains files saved by the "Archive model" command of the model selection screen will be placed here. Similarly, models you want to reload using the "Restore model" of the same page need to be placed there beforehand.


Setting a special function to take a screen shot will store the resulting file here in BMP format.

SCRIPTS folder

This folder is intended to hold the various lua scripts.

S6R and CROSSFIRE folder

These two folders contain lua scripts to help configuring the crossfire TX/RX and to configure the FrSky S6R recceiver.

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