Model Setup Examples
We have put together some simple examples of how to set up the radio, depending on your needs.
Some of the features we cover are:
    Special functions
    Logic Switches
    Flight modes
OpenTx allows all sorts of interesting ways to program your transmitter.
Hopefully these examples will get you started in the right direction.
All examples are assuming a Taranis X9D+ and using the internal FrSky module in Mode 2.
Because of this, the channel order in the examples with be AETR
    Channel1 = Aileron
    Channel2 = Elevator
    Channel3 = Throttle
    Channel4 = Rudder
If you are using an external module or a different transmitter mode, your channel order may need to be different.
Where appropriate, we refer back to the manual to talk about the specific screens so that you may refer to them while going through this section.
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