Logical Switches

These are logic switches that are used to compare values and combine various conditions. The first "operation" column lists a few arithmetical, logical and differential operations. In arithmetical ones a and b represent variables, x represents a constant. Variables can be every source, i.e. all those available in mixers, plus the 5 global variables and all telemetry values. In logical operations the available sources are all physical and other custom switches. Differential functions compare the variation of a variable since last match to another value.

  • a~x: active when variable a is approximately equal to constant x (hysteresis added, as comparing a stick's value for example would pretty much never trigger an exact match)

  • ax: Active when variable a is smaller resp. greater than constant x

  • |a|x: Active when the absolute value of variable a is smaller resp. greater than constant x

  • ab,a=b: See above, but with 2 variables

  • AND, OR, XOR: Logical and, or, exclusive or between 2 binary inputs

  • d>x, |d|>x: Active when the selected variable, respectively its absolute value has changed by more than x since last time. For example, d>x Alt 10 would trigger once every time Altitude goes up by 10m. |d|>x Alt 10 would trigger once every time Altitude goes up OR down by 10m.

  • TIM: A timer, TIM 0.5 2.0 would be active for 0.5s, inactive for 2s, and repeat.

Custom switches offer 3 more parameters: An extra AND condition (if selected, must be on for the custom switch to become active), a Duration parameter (the minimum time a custom switch will be active for even if its conditions become false instantly), and a delay parameter (that affects both activation and deactivation). See the title bar header to see the function of the field the cursor is on. A long press of the ENTER key on a custom switch's label will bring up a popup menu that allows you to copy/paste/delete an entry for more convenient entry of similar settings.

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