model.getInput(input, line)

Return input data for given input and line number

@status current Introduced in 2.0.0, curveType/curveValue/carryTrim added in 2.3, inputName added 2.3.10, flighmode reworked in 2.3.11


  • input (unsigned number) input number (use 0 for Input1)

  • line (unsigned number) input line (use 0 for first line)

Return value

  • nil requested input or line does not exist

  • table input data:

  • name (string) input line name

  • inputName (string) input input name

  • source (number) input source index

  • weight (number) input weight

  • offset (number) input offset

  • switch (number) input switch index

  • curveType (number) curve type (function, expo, custom curve)

  • curveValue (number) curve index

  • carryTrim (boolean) input trims applied

  • 'flightModes' (number) bit-mask of active flight modes

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