setTelemetryValue(id, subID, instance, value [, unit [, precision [, name]]])

@status current Introduced in 2.2.0


  • id Id of the sensor, valid range is from 0 to 0xFFFF

  • subID subID of the sensor, usually 0, valid range is from 0 to 7

  • instance instance of the sensor (SensorID), valid range is from 0 to 0xFF

  • value fed to the sensor

  • unit unit of the sensor Full list

  • precision the precision of the sensor

  • 0 or not present no decimal precision.

  • != 0 value is divided by 10^precision, e.g. value=1000, prec=2 => 10.00.

  • name (string) Name of the sensor if it does not yet exist (4 chars).

  • not present Name defaults to the Id.

  • present Sensor takes name of the argument. Argument must have name surrounded by quotes: e.g., "Name"

Return value

  • true, if the sensor was just added. In this case the value is ignored (subsequent call will set the value)


All three parameters id, subID and instance can't be zero at the same time. At least one of them must be different from zero.

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