playTone(frequency, duration, pause [, flags [, freqIncr]])

Play a tone

@status current Introduced in 2.1.0


  • frequency (number) tone frequency in Hz (from 150 to 15000)

  • duration (number) length of the tone in milliseconds

  • pause (number) length of the silence after the tone in milliseconds

  • flags (number):

  • 0 or not present play with normal priority.

  • PLAY_BACKGROUND play in background (built in vario function uses this context)

  • PLAY_NOW play immediately

  • freqIncr (number) positive number increases the tone pitch (frequency with time), negative number decreases it. The frequency changes every 10 milliseconds, the change is freqIncr * 10Hz. The valid range is from -127 to 127.

Return value


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