Run Function Syntax

The run function is the function that is periodically called for the lifetime of script execution. Syntax of the run function is different between mix scripts and telemetry scripts.

Run Function for Mix Scripts

local function <run_function_name>([first input, [second input], …])

   -- if mix has no return values

   -- if mix has two return values
   return value1, value2

  • Input parameters:

    zero or more input values, their names are arbitrary, their meaning and order is defined by the input table. (see Input Table Syntax)

  • Return values:

    • none - if output table is empty (i.e. script has no output)


      • or -

    • comma separated list of output values, their order and meaning is defined by the output table. (see Output Table Syntax)

Run Function for Telemetry Scripts

local function <run_function_name>(key-event)
  return 0 -- values other than zero will halt the script
  • Input parameters:

    The key-event parameter indicates which transmitter button has been pressed (see Key Events)

  • Return values:

    A non-zero return value will halt the script

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