Power up

When the radio is initially turned on and the throttle is not at idle, you will receive this warning. Moving the throttle to idle or pressing one of +/-/ENT/MENU/PAGE/EXIT will remove the warning.

Moving indicated switch(es) to correct position will remove the warning. Also, pressing one of +/-/ENT/MENU/PAGE/EXIT will remove the warning.

The Main View uses the 6 keys as follows:

  • +/-: move "cursor" to next/previous field

  • ENTER: used for item selection

  • EXIT: goes back to previous navigation level

  • MENU key:

    • SHORT press - Model selection menu

    • LONG press - Radio menu

  • PAGE key: Move to next main view

  • PAGE key (LONG press): Telemetry views

In edit mode, we have four 2-key shortcuts available:

  • +/- together: Invert value

  • -/ENTER: Set value to 100

  • EXIT/PAGE: Set value to -100

  • MENU/PAGE: Set value to 0

Keys are context sensitive, so each section has notes on what the keys do in that section.

Another handy feature is the auto selection of physical inputs in the relevant fields.

Instead of choosing a source or switch with the + and - keys, just move the pot or flick the switch you want, and it is recognized.

Setting a particular switch position is also auto-selected.

The +/- double key combination will allow selecting the opposite position (!Sxy) in a pinch.

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