Custom curves can be used either in input formatting or mixers. There are 16 of them available, and they can be of several types (3, 5, 9, 17pt, both with fixed or user-definable x coordinates). 3pt would be a 3-point curve with fixed x, 9pt' is a 9-point curve with user-defined x coordinates.

These curves are available in addition to the "built-in" curves:

  • x>0, x<0: If input is positive resp. negative return input, otherwise 0.

  • |x|: Return the absolute value of the input.

  • f>0, f<0: If input is positive resp. negative, return 100%, otherwise 0.

  • |f|: If input is negative return -100%. If input is positive, return +100%.

The curve editor allows you to define a name for the selected curve, the type, and of course set the coordinates. When the cursor is on one of the editable coordinates, a LONG press of the ENTER key will bring up a menu where you can choose a standard preset curve, mirror the curve vertically, or reset all points.

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